Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Porridge Heals

Yes, porridge heals, if only for it's comfort-food status. But I find that this porridge, in particular, is most healing. It is based on Alicia Silverstone's Rice Porridge from The Kind Diet. Alicia's recipe starts with leftover rice, which I happened to have on hand. I did not consult the recipe again this morning (I am under the weather, so extra-lazy) but instead created a reasonable facsimile with a splash of almond milk over the cold rice and a few minutes in the microwave. I then topped the rice mixture off with half an ume plum and a generous drizzle of maple syrup. The warm, fragrant comfort of this bowlful is sure to do me some good. Slowly savoring it was an excellent way for a sick chick to spend 20 minutes. The piquant, salty plum was such a lovely foil to the earthy-sweet maple, and the creamy-crunchy texture of the wild grains was soothing.

I've got an upper respiratory malady, and have taken one dose of antibiotics, which I always try to avoid, but my recent track record of health is not stellar so I'm not messing around. Yes, I know, a couple of months ago I was trumpeting my amazing vegan health, but we have really had a rough couple of months around here with my son's migraines (still in flux) and I am the type to internalize everything that happens around me. I know, there's an opportunity for growth in the handling of my stress. Maybe I need to start yoga again, or at least meditation, massage or acupuncture! I'd love to have my Chi unblocked! It's probably not only blocked but tied up like a pretzel. So I've got it figured out. My recent dubious health can be attributed to the stress level of my life. I'll work on how I handle it, since Lord knows I can't change the circumstance I'm in.

Here are a few fun prior incarnations of my pan of wild rice that ultimately produced my morning porridge:

Saturday night we had an amazing evening at home with the kids. I had my wild rice cooked with a vegan bouillon cube and with the addition of dried mung bean sprouts at the end of cooking, along with roasted beets and potatoes and a simple arugula salad with oil and lemon. Some of the others tried some of this too, but they made their own "other" food too.

Yesterday for lunch my respiratory malady was coming on, so, feeling the need for something raw in my life, I made these amazing collard wraps! I was shocked at the extreme deliciousness of these messy little creations. When I saw how pretty they were, I had a fleeting thought of serving them at some future party, but then quickly flowed through a scenario in my head of me slapping the fingers of partygoers trying to partake, as I couldn't stand to share them! So it's a good thing they are messy anyway -- they are just for me!!

Here's a shot of the assembly of the amazing collard wraps:

Upon each collard leaf-half, I placed a jarred roasted red pepper slice, some avocado slices, a spoonful of wild rice with mung bean sprouts and a sprinkle of daiya "cheese". These were amazing. I was sad I had only made six of them, but they were filling enough that it was prudent for me to have stopped at that point.

There are so many different things we can do with a potful of whole grains, as you can see. I am grateful I had some left for my morning porridge. Now it's time for a little nap, I think.


  1. Adding in some yoga and meditation sounds like a great idea. AND that massage!

  2. Hmmm -- We've already met our $3,000 for the year (pitiful but good?) so maybe I will look into how much massage or acupuncture action is covered? I am staring these ridiculous hospital bills in the face, so I can't justify any new expenditures, but at least meditation is free!