Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Winter Garden

Garden Fairy with Cabbage and Pansies

The winter garden is not the prolific jungle it was in the heat of the summer. Its energy is more quiet, almost meditative, but softly humming with life nonetheless. The winter varieties are of a subtler energy too, less showy and slower-growing than their summer brethren. But these plants, noble dark green leafies all, are teeming with nutrition. It was a lovely day in Georgia, so I decided to take a few photos.
Sunshine in a Mexican Pot

Cabbage with Pansies

Young Broccoli

Young Cauliflower

Young Collards



  1. pretty! and pretty inspiring : ) i need to get my garden going again...and keep the kids and dogs (and neighborhood cats) out of it!

  2. Thanks Stephanie -- last year my husband built me a small raised garden with a little fence and a gate because our dogs LOVE freshly turned earth. Otherwise my crops are in pots, up off the ground. It seems most neighbors keep their cats indoors around her because of the coyotes, hawks, owls etc., so I don't get any kitty visitors that I know of.

  3. You are so lucky you can grow things right now! We are still buried in snow ;-)

  4. Wow! I think we are pretty spoiled with our short winter, but then again I am stuck inside all summer because the heat is bad for me, so I guess there are always trade-offs. Hope your snow melts soon!