Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Memoriam (R.I.P. Butter)

Updating what has been going on around here, sadly, Butter, the 19 year old kitty my son and I had been taking care of this week, passed away yesterday. If you remember, I have been filling in for Hans since the doctor determined his cat allergy exacerbates his migraines. Yesterday morning at around 9:00 a.m. I was with Butter for the last time, willing her to live until the return of her owners on Friday, despite the fact she was so clearly ready to go. I had felt guilty about wanting this. As it turned out, Butter's demise occurred at about the best time possible if she wasn't going to wait for the weekend. Butter's medication schedule was to have two of her pills on Sunday and two on Wednesday, and only one on every other day. I have been unsuccessful in getting her to take her pills and have discussed this fact with the owners by phone, and so they had their daughter, who lives locally, come on Sunday to administer Butter's medicine, and the plan was for her to come again yesterday to do the same. When the daughter arrived, she found Butter in the same location I last saw her, under the kitchen table on a rug, already gone. She handled the remains and the removal of feed bowls etc. which might be hurtful for her mother upon her return, who was very attached to the kitty.

I am glad I was able to offer some comfort in the last hours of Butter's life, but regret that after a long, full life she ultimately died alone. She was a sweet kitty. R.I.P. Butter.


  1. Oh, it's always so hard when they pass, even when they're not ours. I know that Butter enjoyed the comfort you gave her and was much loved. Hugs.