Sunday, March 13, 2011

Odds -n- Ends

Lest I lose track of some of the deliciousness that has been happening around here, I thought I'd better document some of it. This is a lovely, easy salad of mixed greens and herbs, topped with my aforementioned Israeli Couscous Salad, avocado and raw skinless almonds in olive oil and sea salt. I just drizzled a little blood orange olive oil over the salad for a dressing. Yum. The couscous salad had lost its lovin' feeling to me on the fourth day, which was the day after this salad ( the raw broccoli's flavor had soured from the moisture) so I gave it to the pups. They LOVED it!

A simple sandwich -- sourdough toast with vegenaise, roasted red pepper, cucumber and arugula, salt and pepper. Crazy delicious and decadent, if you can believe it! I want another one right now!

A recent lunch out highlights two approaches for a vegan-unfriendly menu:  If you will recall, my plan was to come to the lunch toting a baggy of oil-massaged kale and almonds. So here is my house salad before:

And here it is after my alteration:

I plopped this pile of yum upon the restaurant salad when nobody was looking. I got a kick out of the server's quizzical expression each time he walked by thereafter. He knew something was different. This approach did work for me, but the bottom half of the salad was not very fresh, obscured as it was by such a lovely tangle of fresh carrots.

Finally, to continue in my random selection of photos, I was driving home the other day and saw heaven opening up above, so I hopped out of my car in the middle of the road and snapped it:

I was struck by the unfolding sky and acted impetuously. I wouldn't recommend such behavior unless you live on a cul-de-sac like I do and there's no other traffic around. I did put my car in park before hopping out. While this photo captures the most stunning portion of the sky, I wish you could have seen it in full context. The rest of the sky was dark grey with roiling storm clouds. Very humbling and awe-inspiring!  Thanks for indulging my odds and ends today.


  1. I would have loved to see the waiters expression when he walked by! Too funny! Your last pic is stunning!

  2. I love your odds and ends - this should be a regular part of your blog. :) So adorable!

  3. that house salad trick is awesome! I might have to try that. And heck, if the kale gets rubbed around in your purse while waiting to exit the bag, it won't ruin it like it would arugula or something.

    and when you said "pups", did you mean "dogs" or did you mean "pups"? because if you mean "pups", i want pictures! lol

  4. Thanks Emily!

    Lindsay -- thanks, good suggestion. I do seem to have quite a few loose ends I could put to good use.

    Stephanie -- no, not really pups, though they are still my babies. Truly they are little ole' ladies: 10 and 7 years old.

  5. Oh Cheryl, your images ALL astound! Such beautiful images all of them. Veggies always look particularly stunning against those blue and white plates.

    Again, an inspiration!