Saturday, October 2, 2010

What I Did with the Rest of the Gizmo Salad

Go on and have a laugh at my expense here. I know this looks sloppy, but it was in fact quite delicious! The sloppiness is more a factor of my inexperienced hesitancy with a spatula than with this creation being a bad idea. When I make my daughter pancakes, they turn out like this too, just less colorful!

This is supposed to be a quesadilla -- two corn tortillas, a sliced tomato (storebought, sadly, as my garden ones are all green) gizmo salad, pressed (the leftovers get a bit juicy as the days go by, so I pressed some of the liquid out) and daiya cheese. The "cheese" was supposed to be the glue to hold it all together, but given my penchant for overfilling all manner of sandwiches, it didn't have a chance. I love quesadillas with a nice crisp crust, so I used medium high heat, and I resisted flipping until I began to fear the bottom tortilla was burning, then, trying to pretend I was an expert flipper, I garnered my confidence for one swift motion, then . . . faltered! Most of the filling flew out of the sandwich in a spectacular manner.  only a few strands of zucchini and one tomato slice landed on the counter, though.  I quickly began trying to stuff the yummy filling back into the sandwich, but after waiting, then attempting another flip, I resolved to think of what was outside the quesadilla as a "side dish". Then I just relaxed and began to enjoy the process more.

Yes, this is a mess, but look how delicious it is!  Remember, the zucchini was raw, and here it is warm and slightly crispy. The flavors were lovely together and this was a very satisfying lunch. This experiment is only blogworthy if it can impart the value of repeated reinvention of our noble leftovers, one of my favorite vegan themes. Still, I can see here I may want to think about a panini press!

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