Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trees in my Pantry -- Plus a Fab Sandwich

Stay tuned in a future post for my Early Autumn Stew recipe. When I was foraging in my pantry for ingredients, look what I found! What an amazing, lilliputian desert-scape this becomes if you suspend reality and focus in on it closely. I only bought these a few days ago. When I found them like this I had half a mind to bury them in my garden and see what happens. But the garden, full of green tomatoes, is about ready for a clean-up and a fall planting. I will need to plan carefully. So, instead of the garden, stripped of their pretty trees, into the stew the potatoes went.

One more photo to inspire you today:

Here's a recent lunch -- I'm sure you all have enjoyed a BLT before, but remember to try it vegan -- I had missed my red homegrown tomatoes since they have been green for a couple of weeks now, so imagine my delight when one of the green ones I picked actually turned red after sitting on the kitchen counter for a couple of days. The flavor was every bit as delicious as mid-summer! So, besides the tomato, the sandwich utilizes raw spinach, Lightlife Bac'n and vegannaise, all on a couple of pieces of toasted Eziekiel bread. I would advise cooking the bac'n only until it is not quite crisp. When it is very crisp, the way I used to eat real bacon pre-vegan, it's a little tough to bite through. The product is fully cooked already anyway. We just fry it a little to get the right texture. This sandwich was "close your eyes and hum a little tune while chewing" good.

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