Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Pretty Pups


Bonus post today -- I was cleaning up my files a little and was so pleased to see a couple of cute photos I took of my girls the other day when they were keeping me company in the kitchen while I was cooking. Look how sweet they are -- above is Emma, who has been in our family since early 2002. Sometimes we call her Emma-lemma-dingdong. She is wonderful, wise and sensitive -- just pure love!


Here's Ellie, also known as Ellie-belly-jellybean, who has been in the family since 2005. In case you can't tell, Ellie is very busy, and also very smart. When she's calm, she will put her chin in my lap and stare right into my soul. Sometimes she thinks she can speak human, and she gets so frustrated that what's coming out of her mouth is not quite words.

Look at Emma in the background of this photo, staring at the cabinet.  Cracks me up.  She does this sometimes, and sometimes she barks at seemingly nothing at all. Is she tapping into another dimension or just staring at a wall?

Emma and Ellie only confirm what I have always known -- animals are beautiful, unique individuals and  so worthy of our respect and love.  Just thought you might like to meet my girls!

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