Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's For Dinner?

This afternoon I decided to make another batch of Umeboshi radish pickles (in The Kind Diet from Alicia Silverstone) and, after washing my radishes, marvelled at how lovely they were. Not wanting to waste a scrap, I was inspired to utilize the radish leaves, and even the long roots as the base for tonight's salad.  Eating food like this is fun -- I feel as if I've been foraging in a meadow! I also added all the thinly sliced radishes themselves that I couldn't fit into the pickle jar. To balance the crisp spiciness of the radishes and their slightly spiny leaves, I added a sliced avocado.

I will serve the salad with roasted root vegetables -- beets, sweet potatoes, potatoes and shallots.  I've also sliced watermelon and strawberries for whoever wants an alternative to my foraged salad.  I'd better get back to the kitchen, I think everyone's getting hungry!

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