Monday, May 17, 2010

Mindless Eating

In the kitchen or at a party, one might find oneself nibbling on something within reach without consciously deciding to do so.  Before vegan, I usually found myself savoring a flake or two of finely shaved parmesan cheese while preparing Italian food.  Indeed, while acclimating to my new diet,  I caught myself mid-reach toward a tub of cheese on more than one occasion.  Since changing everything February 11 of this year, I have been fascinated by the chemical transformations which have occurred.

The first couple of months, the whole detox phenomenon is shocking.  Why was I such a grouch?  Why so many pimples?  I would have rethought the decision based upon these effects if the weight hadn't been falling off without effort (all while eating more food than ever!)  This was enough to keep me committed until the day I realized I was no longer grouchy, and couldn't remember when the last pimple had gone away.  I was at peace, I had energy, I could think straight.  I've been hooked on not eating animals ever since.  Personally the dairy was the most difficult to avoid, but early on I had the ironic blessing of accidentally eating a pasta salad with parmesan in the dressing.  When I wound up with intestinal distress, I realized I am lactose intolerant, but had developed a bit of a tolerance for it over years of its consumption.  Being clean of dairy for a month or so at that point, the unmasked effects of the lactose intolerance were unmistakable.  I asked my physician and she agreed this was probably the case.  She asked if I have more energy now that I have given it up.  When I said yes, she confirmed that, besides intestinal upset, the prevailing symptom of lactose intolerance is fatigue.  To think of the years I have wasted being exhausted!  Dairy is one thing I no longer crave.  Unbelievable but true!

Last night my husband and I sat on our patio with a glass of wine, talking about the day, and I had to laugh at myself as I thoughtlessly reached over to one of these little iron boy-and-girl planters, and pulled a sprig of marjoram off the plant and popped it, unwashed, into my mouth.  The whole thing took a second, and was exactly the way I used to mindlessly nibble cheese or cookies.  I honestly didn't notice until the leaves hit my tongue.  What a surprising journey this is turning out to be!

Still being mindful of which veggies need to be used up first, for lunch today I dug a zucchini out of the crisper.  Not even an organic one, this zucchini cost me $1.68!  Something strange must be going on with the zucchini crops.  Too much rain?  In any case, the expensive price for one little veggie has me looking forward to my own zucchini harvest (currently in blossom).  So I wasn't going to waste my expensive squash.  I sliced it thinly, sauteed it in olive oil, and along with jarred roasted red pepper, made a grilled "cheese" sandwich.  I used fresh multigrain sourdough bread and "Follow Your Heart" vegan mozzarella.  This veggie cheese boasts, "It melts!" which is true if you grate it, but these thick slices were such a lovely flavor, that I didn't mind them only very slightly melted on the outside edge and warm throughout.  Delicious!  Have a wonderful day!

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  1. You are really inspiring me! You KNOW I am not fond of veggies naturally, but the enlightened view your experience brings has me rethinking!

    Plus, that sandwich couldn't LOOK any more delicious!