Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Breakfasts

I've noted before how important planning is to living a vegan lifestyle.  The pantry and refrigerator must be well stocked and there are many more trips to the grocery store for fresh veggies since their shelf life is only so long.  In the past few days I have found myself without the longer chunks of time I normally have which allow for inspiration and planning of wonderful food, both for myself and for my family.  It's just a busy time of year rife with end of school year projects, among other things.

"Mom -- I need 14 more index cards!"

Then after I return from the store, "I thought we had markers -- these are all dried up,"

And finally, "I thought I could do this myself, but could you help me?" (this part is actually my pleasure, wouldn't miss it!)

There are also appointments of many kinds and a fabulous social life for which to prepare, especially for my 12 year old daughter -- birthday parties (presents, wrapping) a Bat Mitzvah (presents, wrapping, a new dress and new shoes to wear).

So this is a long way of saying that lately I have just been flying by the seat of my pants and am usually running around hungry.  How do I handle this?  This morning it was by having two breakfasts.  At 7:30 as I was flying out the door to drive my high schooler, I wolfed down a piece of Eziekiel Bread toast spread with Earth Balance and ginger preserves.  Then a quick trip to the grocery store, (I realized when I got home I had forgotten the index cards!) next I had to squeeze in some quick cardio -- half an hour briskly walking outside.  It will be very warm today so I had to do it early.  Then I piled my stinky dalmation/pointer/? mix into the back of the car to drop her at the Animal Hospital for a bath and nails (she had torn one).  When I returned from that errand I realized I was still hungry.  So I made myself a sandwich with hummus and some of my second batch of Morgan's delicious Mediterranean Kale Salad (  This batch I made with chick peas instead of pine nuts.  I needed the kind of protein punch only chick peas can provide.  The sandwich was delish and I think it will do the trick.

As I am quickly proofreading this post, I realize it sounds very ADD, and that is the way my brain is working today, out of necessity.  You may wonder on a day like today why I am taking the time to post, or to exercise.  The reason is sanity.  In times of higher stress, I find I must tend to my own needs.  I need to exercise and I need to write.  These things feed my body and soul and restore balance.  I encourage you to notice what gives you peace and balance so you can feed your body and soul as well.

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