Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peony Bush Update

Despite my nearly killing my lone peony bush with eco-friendly bug spray a couple of weeks ago, the bush is now in full bloom.  The lovely, large blossom here was one that had completely wilted on its stem  when the bug spray hit it.  It was a little brown marble on a U-shaped stem, pointing in a melancholy fashion to the ground.  Instead of clipping the bud off, I stepped back and watched, knowing from experience that interference has been my folly.  My restraint was rewarded, as the lifeforce of this blossom prevailed and, alongside it's less scarred companions, it reached its full glory, albeit still pointing to the ground.  Wanting to finally look this hardy soul in the face, I cut its head off, gently washed the little ants off it with pure water (not bugspray!), and settled it into this glass salad bowl.  I feel it is much happier now, and it seems to sigh with contentment.

The rest of the bush has seemingly rebounded  from my gardening mishap, but it does bear the brown and black scars of my ignorance.  I am grateful nature can, at times, be forgiving.  We live and we learn.


  1. That sweet blossom looks as delicious as a scoop of strawberry sorbet! Gorgeous image from a gorgeous lady. So happy you are blogging and am looking forward to where your journey leads as well!

    Love you!

  2. Strawberry sorbet? Hmm . . I wonder -- just kidding! Love you too!