Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Morning After

This morning I needed a little detox. Likely the wine last night or the yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet were the culprits,  probably both in such close proximity of consumption.  As a recent Vegan, I am still learning what affects my body and how.  I really have not eaten much sugar since February, as I wanted a strong, healthy foundation for my Vegan journey.

The peanut butter cups are my first foray into Vegan goodies.  I will say they are amazingly delicious, but I bet they have too much sugar, as I used chocolate graham crackers that were already in my pantry which had sugar of their own, and REFINED sugar at that!  I decided to make the treats for a Crawfish Boil in our neighborhood today.  I will be making and bringing a fabulous salad so I will have something to eat, but I thought also bringing something that is sure to be a hit (the treats) would be a good way to subtly educate others about how being Vegan does not mean depriving oneself.

So, to initiate the detox I listened to what my body wanted:  collard greens quickly sauteed with fresh garlic and olive oil.  The pan of greens in the photo is from the gorgeous Miss-America's-roses-sized armload of collards featured in the basket at the top of this blog, which, incidentally, I was lucky to purchase for only $2.48!  The armload will, happily, last me most of the week.  After eating the greens, I followed with Alicia's detox tea with the Umeboshi Plum, truly a magical product, in my opinion.

It's nice to know how to recover from a misstep, but avoiding it is, of course, preferable.  Hopefully experience and practice will make this part easier.  In the future, by avoiding missteps, will I be depriving myself after all?  Well, there will be missteps, accidental or otherwise, that's part of life, but personally, once something makes me feel bad, I find I no longer crave it.  So I will still be eating what I want -- no deprivation.  I won't be eating this batch of goodies since it no longer appeals to me.  It'll be gone in a flash at the party anyway.  At a later time, with more careful attention to the ingredients, I'm sure I will want to give the delicious treats another chance.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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