Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

How is your Mother's Day?  Mine is turning out to be my favorite kind of day -- a nice slow start, abundant sunshine, time to catch up on the fun stuff.  I tended the garden this morning, cleaning up debris and pulling a few weeds.  A few of the plants are in bloom, so the veggies are coming!

Looking around the yard, I noticed the patches of yellow iris are growing and blooming so prolifically that the stalks around the outer edges are too tall to sustain their own weight.  So many were flat on the ground.  I clipped these and came up with a simple, lovely bouquet.  Looking at the patches of iris in the yard, one would never suspect any flowers had been removed, they are still so abundant.  I love these flowers.  They say sunshine to me.

I had been thinking of trying to make a "tofu scramble" for a while, but it seemed pretty labor intensive, so without a chunk of time lately, I hadn't made the effort.  This morning I took the lazy way out and microwaved a tofu scramble from Amy's Organics.  It was in the freezer for any potential moment of necessity.  While it was not the most beautiful dish (I'm sure it would have looked better if I had used a conventional oven) it was quite delicious and it seemed pretty simple.  The scramble contained small bits of broccoli, carrot, spinach and mushrooms, and there were hash browns and tomato slices on the side.  I am inspired to try it from scratch soon.

For Mother's Day dinner tonight we won't be braving the crowds at a restaurant, but instead will order takeout from our favorite Chinese food restaurant.  My choice is family style tofu and Garlic Baby Bok Choy.  The latter is prepared expertly, even with the delivery trip it is very lightly steamed in a simple broth with plenty of fresh garlic, also lightly steamed so it is not overpowering.  The greens come out bright and tender and full of flavor.

I hope your Mother's day is wonderful, and is whatever you need.  Feed your body, feed your soul!

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