Monday, January 13, 2014

Veganism and "Screen Rage"

Have you noticed it? The climate out there is getting more and more volatile. The "haters" as the kids these days might call them are getting more vocal and vitriolic in their expressions. I'm not just talking about the vegan haters. A few months ago a young mother of a handful of toddlers posed in skimpy athletic attire, challenging the rest of us with this message: "What's your excuse?" She definitely pushed some buttons, turning otherwise reasonable folks into unattractive, jealous and vengeful versions of themselves. YouTube comments seem to be getting more and more extreme with polarized, judgemental stances. I've even noticed some nasty comments from dairy lovers on Pinterest vegan recipes. I see this worsening phenomenon as akin to "road rage" -- within the anonymous confines of a car, the rager feels free to let it all out, or pick his nose. But we can still see him. Similarly, behind our computer screens, we may be compelled to come across more strongly. I, myself, have been labelled thus by one person. Funny thing is -- I don't feel rageful.

In this internet age, we do run the risk of misinterpreting or misunderstanding our communications with one another. The subtle social cues of facial expressions and body language are missing, and we can only read so much into ALL CAPS or emoticons. That being said, there's some raging going on out there which is pretty clear. Folks who consume the SAD diet (I'm not raging here -- the acronym stands for "Standard American Diet") get very excited about any new information about veggies being bad for us. Predictably, everyone wants to be vindicated for their choices, even if the choice is really an abdication of choice.

Recently I read an article that too much kale (or other cruciferous veggies) can be harmful to the thyroid. This got my attention, of course, particularly since I've just sworn off millet (which I didn't like anyway) because of the goitrogenic compounds. As always, please do your own research before deciding upon a radical change in your diet. I've learned one can find an article to support just about anything on the internet, so choose carefully. Using my own common sense, what I took from the recent article is that if overconsumption of veggies is a concern, adding a little more seaweed (iodine) to the diet will protect the thyroid. Kale makes me feel great -- peaceful, energetic, strong and healthy, and I'm going to keep eating it -- lots of it. To be clear -- I am typing this with an unfurrowed brow, a peaceful smile on my face and a rageless wish for each and every one of you that you feel happy about your choices and unjudged by me or by anybody else. You be you and I'll be me. Can't we all just get along? Kumbaya.


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