Thursday, January 23, 2014


We are well into January when most of us have implemented resolutions or beneficial changes, but I realized today I've still been operating in "triage" mode, i.e. living reactively rather than proactively. I've been like the vaudeville performer who focuses only on the plates spinning atop vertical rods, looking for a wobble that needs a little spin. For a creative soul, this is no way of living. Yes, I've indulged in yoga here and there, and have been reasonably mindful, though not innovative, of diet, but I've not tended to creativity -- my need as a mother to continue "birthing" (projects, not progeny -- that chapter has closed).

My Dad came for a visit recently, and we had a lovely time. I don't know why it never crossed my mind while he was here to pull out the juicer -- something he and I so enjoyed last time he came. I never thought to pull out the bottles of champagne he bought for us either. My attention must have been so fragmented from tracking my wobbling plates that he's lucky he got fed at all, I guess. I'm grateful for his non-judgemental tolerance of my out-of-whackness.

Time for a reset. Today I started the day with something fresh. This morning's juice contained a head of organic romaine, 4 leaves of kale, a cucumber and a half (the other half was in a salad during Dad's visit) a knob of ginger, an organic apple, most of a lemon (it was starting to rot at one end) and a nice handful of mint -- stems and all. I craved the refreshment of the mint which goes very well with the flavors of ginger and lemon, by the way. The result was a fresh, flavorful blend -- mild and rejuvenating.

There she is! Ahh -- now I'm ready for anything, but more importantly I'm ready today to chart my own course and let some of those wobbling plates right themselves. It's a great day!

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