Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Very Best Chocolate Milkshake!

We've all had great success experimenting with juices and smoothies, but this smoothie was so simple and delicious I'm sharing it. It was the most satisfying chocolate milkshake I've tasted -- pre- or post-vegan.

My Functional Medicine M.D. has prescribed supplements to help  me manage my MS, and one recent addition is Dr. David Perlmutter's "Brain Sustain" It's a vanilla powder featuring lots of healthy fats with plenty of DHA -- the kind of fat the brain needs to regenerate. Since we have eaten high on the figurative hog these last few days with my Dad here visiting, I wasn't very hungry this morning, so instead of having breakfast, then swallowing the supplements, I elevated my supplement powder to the status of breakfast thus:

The Very Best Chocolate Milkshake

1 Scoop "Brain Sustain" or 1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 Tbsp. Raw Cacao (not cocoa)
1 banana (frozen if you plan ahead)
1 c. dark chocolate almond milk
1 large leaf of kale, stem removed
4-5 ice cubes, if the banana's not frozen, fewer if it is

Blend on low speed in a Vitamix or other high-powered blender. Enjoy.

When freezing bananas, peel them first and make sure to use a freezer bag, and squeeze most of the air out of the bag. This is a great way to avoid wasting overripe bananas. If you don't have a supplement or protein powder, you may want to add more substance to this shake with a tablespoon of almond butter.

Besides being decadent, this milkshake provided grounded energy, strength and focus.

P.S. -- I refinished those kitchen cabinets several years ago -- I'm still proud of myself. It was quite a feat!


  1. Sounds yummy. What is the Brain Sustain for in this recipe and how is vanilla extract going to be a substitute for it?

  2. Hi India -- The Brain Sustain is a supplement prescribed by my doctor for my MS. It has a vanilla flavor, so that's why I suggested the vanilla extract if you aren't using a supplement powder. The vanilla enriches the flavor of the cacao. Play with the flavors to make it your own. Enjoy!