Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

You all know me -- I believe that, as a vegan, I should never find myself in a state of want. In other words, I believe the lifestyle is a gift to myself and never want or expect to feel deprived. Nevertheless, a busy life sometimes does not afford the planning and organization needed to be fully stocked.

Though our family is just about out of the woods with my son's health crisis, we are still not back to a normal routine, spending a lot of time even now in doctors' offices. So I'm not shopping very often. I have availed myself of vegan frozen convenience foods on several occasions recently, and, while I am grateful for the wholesomeness and convenience, I crave my own basic creations.

Today I opened one more box of convenience, a vegan soup by Pacific: Thai Sweet Potato, but also created my own wrap from what I could manage to glean from my larder.

These two turned out to be an odd combination. I was not expecting much from my multigrain wrap of hummus, arugula, brown rice, sesame seeds and pickles, but is was surprisingly delicious, and rendered the little soup bland and flavorless. Thai soup, bland and flavorless? Yes, unfortunately, when compared to the rockin' flavor of the Wickles Pickles I piled into the wrap. I'm not convinced Wickles are vegan, but the ingredients list looks okay. They are very sweet and VERY spicy -- an addictive combo. I guess they would make anything taste good.

I finished the lackluster soup for its nutritional benefits, and savored the remainder of my odd pickle-loaded wrap. I promise I will be more creative tomorrow!


  1. Looks like you did awesome for scraping the bottom of the barrel. I am glad things are looking up with your son:)

  2. Oops! the joys again of a shared family computer! Debbie that was me posting that last comment. Guess I will have to turn the computer all the way off first before logging into my blog from now on. Blooger, what's up, I never had to do this before!

  3. I have wanted to try that soup.....now I shall not!
    Your wrap looks yummy!
    Hope you can take some time to restock your pantry and fridge!

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  5. Emily -- Really, I need to give the soup another chance without the wickles pickles. Seriously, I don't think anything would taste that good next to them. They are a very dominant flavor. The soup is probably perfectly delightful on its own. I did get to resock a bit yesterday -- Thanks!

  6. Kaycee -- Great idea, and thanks for the invite. I will keep it in mind and will let you know. Right now I seem to only have enough time to fill my own blog, but we'll see. I'll keep an eye on your project -- good luck!