Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Season of Change

Yes, the season is changing! I am wearing a light jacket this morning. We expect a high of 91 degrees today, but these cool evenings and mornings are such a welcome change. My garden has abruptly changed as well. This weekend, as we threw together a cookout here at the last minute, when folks were asking what they could bring, I told them I had the tomatoes covered. I based this statement on the fact that every day for as long as I can remember I have harvested 4-5 ripe beauties. So imagine my surprise when I, still clad in my bathing suit from the prior party, went out to get the tomatoes I needed and found them still green.

"Okay -- got it," I thought to myself, "-- tomato season is over now,"

 I will be inventing something delicious soon with the green variety. Some of the finished vines are still useful in other ways. Take a look here at my "bean tree" which is really the familiar black tomato plant of "Heimlich the worm" fame. The chinese long bean tendril that had found this structure has now transformed it into a full-fledged bean trellis, with two-plus-foot legumes dripping from many branches. The bean season has obviously not ended.

I have really been enjoying experimenting in a culinary vein lately, and feel the urge to go there again, but find it is probably not happening today. The other night I was in the emergency room with my son, who had sharp stomach pains. I just wanted to be sure it wasn't something serious. Thank goodness it wasn't. X-ray and bloodwork were all good, so it was likely a little too much fun party food from the weekend, a little too little sleep from sleepovers, and mostly not enough water. I was grateful to be able to take care of my big boy by spending these hours making sure he was okay. I love motherhood. But you know how it is at the E.R. -- we got home at 4:00 a.m. So yesterday I was, needless to say, dragging, and I tossed my usual self-care out the window.  I just needed to function. I had two cups of coffee!

I used to be able to drink coffee throughout the day, and indeed needed it pre-vegan, as I used to have so much less energy. Now, without the masking dairy sludge that used to be in my system, and with so much more energy, usually, from a cleaner diet, I have found that I cannot tolerate stimulants such as coffee very well. One little cup in the very early morning has turned out to be fine, but I am always sorry if I have more. After being up all night, I threw caution to the wind yesterday and thus sealed my fate for today, dragging out this out-of-sorts phase a little longer. I again didn't sleep much last night. Phooey, I knew better!

Now, I am considering three courses of action for my morning: 1. Enjoy the cool weather and take a brisk walk, 2. Skip the walk and have breakfast, preferably something with chocolate, and 3. Go back to bed. I could tell you which my body is choosing right now, but no, my head's in charge this morning, albeit foggily. A walk it will be. The sooner I break the bad habits and snap back to a healthy routine, the better. After that I will baby myself a bit, spending some time resting with "Veg News" before diving into laundry and paying the bills.

Stay tuned for some fun new recipes once I can think straight. Until then, enjoy your new season!

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