Sunday, September 26, 2010

Now, That's More Like It . . .

Remember how I needed more VEGGIES? Well, I was actually exhausted from our latest adventures, and lack of good, balanced nutrition. I couldn't motivate to shop for food, nor could I think straight to come up with a plan. But I could stand in front of my open refrigerator and wait a moment for inspiration to strike. And strike it did, in the form of leftover gnocchi, which were as hard as little pebbles until I reboiled them for a couple of minutes. That's all it took to revive the gnocchi's pillowy, springy, comforting tenderness. To this I added some marinara sauce from a jar, warmed with a couple of big spoonfuls of olive tapenade, also from a jar, a minced garlic clove and a gigantic handful of raw spinach. This delicious, spur of the moment creation nourished body and soul so completely that I had to sit there and eat most of it with my eyes closed, in gratitude. Much better. Let's hear it for veggies!

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