Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Buttered" Beet Tops for Breakfast

This is an example of listening to the body's intuition and lovingly complying. I had let my system get out of whack the last couple of weeks. I've indulged in vegan sugars, which only set up the next sugar craving. Luckily, with wholesome goodness like this, I'm on my way out of this craving cycle, which should only last about a week if I lay off the sweet stuff from now on. I'm reminded of the process of meditating -- when we veer off course, without judgement we just return our focus where it belongs. So it is with diet and lifestyle in general.

With beets at the top of my list for juicing veggies, I had these lovely stalks and greens left over. They were delicious sauteed quickly in plenty of Earth Balance, with brown rice on the side. It was a good breakfast and imparted soothing balanced energy which lasted throughout the day.

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