Friday, March 9, 2012

Another Pulp Mishap

So, how long have I been juicing? This is what I get for multitasking during my sacred juicing process. What went wrong here? That's right -- No pulp bin! I just shoved the first kale leaf through the juicer and sprayed the pulp all over the counter and the floor:

When I'm working in the kitchen, Ellie is always listening carefully for some sort of utterance from me that would indicate food might be on the floor. She did indeed hear me say . . .  something, and pitched in right away to do her part:

The girl loves her greens!

Emma seemed at first to want no  part in the process:

But then I realized the dried out kale pulp from the juicer would not have much flavor or scent left and so it would be like the ice cubes I have to point out on the floor to the pups. The dogs' vision is great for noticing a squirrel twitch 100 yards away, but up close not so much. They really rely on their sense of smell more than vision at that range. So if something has little or no scent, I have to point right to it for them to find it. Once I did, Emma did her part in the clean up as well.

I just thought you might enjoy another laugh at my expense!


  1. We're laughing with you Cheryl, not at you! :-) Haha!

  2. I was making the kids smoothies this week, added blueberries to my kale and chard juice and neglected to put the lid on--multi-tasking isn't for the forgetful. Unfortunately my dogs aren't tall enough to lick the 10 ceilings, though they did clean the front of the cabinets as the green/purple juice coated everything in all directions. My sense of humor did not kick in to find the camera...

    Thanks for the laugh!