Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rep. Kucinich, Tsk, Tsk . . . .

I was disappointed to hear a story on the news this morning about Dennis Kucinich (D - OH) filing a lawsuit against the Capitol Hill Cafeteria system for an olive pit that he found in his wrap. Rep. Kucinich, who suffered a broken tooth from the pit back in 2008, is suing for physical damages and also "loss of enjoyment". Really? What kind of lawyer would suggest an elected public official should sue for such a thing? Indeed, what elected public official would agree? Why not let the representatives' special lifetime healthcare benefits take care of paying for the damages, Rep. Kucinich? Yes, I am disappointed in the frivolous litigation, but more than that I am disappointed that Rep. Kucinich is painting vegans in a bad light. Yes, that's right, it is being reported that the reason Kucinich had been eating olive tapenade is that he is vegan! Ugh!

A broken tooth -- of course I wouldn't wish something so uncomfortable on anyone, but I've gotta wonder with how much vigor the representative was chomping his veggie wrap. As vegans, we realize our food is much less processed than most and a little olive pit fragment in my tapenade wouldn't surprise me.
In fact, remember bunco last week with my olive tapenade crostini? Sorry for the repeat photo, but it is the best serendipitous illustration of this Kucinich story I've got. At bunco, while my neighborhood lady friends were enjoying my vegan snacks, my friend Carol pulled a little something from her teeth and held it up, saying, "Oh, got a little extra roughage here," referring to an olive pit fragment.

"Oh, sorry, are you okay? I bought the tapenade at Costco," I said.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine -- I've got that Costco tapenade too, love it! I don't know why anyone would make their own when they could buy such good tapenade so cheaply,"

Then everyone within earshot nodded in agreement and that was the end of the olive pit episode in my basement pub.

Rep. Kucinich, sorry you lost your enjoyment with the little olive pit. With your frivolous lawsuit you are illustrating what many constituents believe about their elected officials, that they are elitist and out of touch. I'm not sure you would fit in at bunco.

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  1. Here Here! This lawsuit is craziness!!!!!!
    Yes, he could use a down to earth evening at bunco!