Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Teaser -- I've got quite a tale to tell you about something I've got bubbling in the crock pot right now, but since I've not yet tasted it, I'll wait 'til later to post on it. In the meantime, I didn't want to neglect mentioning these photos of what I've been drinking.

No, that's not tequila, I already drank that. I washed the empty bottle and am recycling it to hold my kombucha in the fridge. I finished this last bit off this morning. It got decidedly more gingery as the days progressed, so I may not need as much ginger next time. It also got ever so slightly bubbly, but not as much as the kind we buy at the store. I did more research on the bottled kombucha issue and found that the fermentation happens while the bottles are unrefrigerated, which could of course vary widely from store to store. In some cases quite a bit of fermentation is allowed to happen unchecked, hence the alcoholic content. Even so, one would need to consume 8-12 bottles of kombucha to equal the alcohol in one beer. So, I liked my own kombucha, and in my next batch will leave it fermenting a bit longer. I only gave it three days with this first batch. I'll keep you posted on what I discover in my brewing.

I needed a little pick-me-up this afternoon, so I made myself an Almond/Mocha Latte -- Just half Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk and half leftover coffee from this morning.  I just warmed it up and put it in this fun ceramic Starbucks-ish mug, and wrapped the whole thing with a woolen huggie. I cut up one of my old sweaters and had fun making these over the holidays. The coffee sweater is so nice to hold on a snowy day like today, and my fingers don't get burned. The latte was decadent and rich, like a cross between coffee and hot chocolate, again perfect for this weather. I'm all perked up now.