Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Luscious Leftovers Salad

When a vegan actually cooks something rather than just opening a package for food, it is usually pretty darn spectacular. I'm serious. When we consider our nutritional needs coupled with our over-the-top celebration of plant foods and how special they make us feel, every meal can seem like a gourmet indulgence if we wish it to be. So, I don't know about you, but around here vegan food doesn't get wasted. It just gets reborn!

This wonderful salad was born of some of my bunco leftovers (the raw veggies) and my leftover potato gratin. It is a giant handful of arugula topped with the veggies and crispy cheezy potatoes, then a julienne of raw daikon which I am loving lately most days. I've been doing a fair amount of spackling and sanding, dusting and rearranging, so my sinus has been working overtime processing the nasty air I've been breathing. So, since I have been taking decongestants from time to time, the daikon offsets the systemic problems the medicine will bring. I love food as medicine!

To top my healthy luscious leftovers creation I slightly drizzled two oils I have been enjoying lately.

On the left is Blood Orange Olive Oil from The Olive Press, a gift from one of our wonderful friends, and on the right, the Black Truffle Oil I bought for Alicia's Radicchio Pizza (my most favorite food of all time as of this moment). I was unable to locate White Truffle Oil, which was called for, but I've got no complaint with the Black Truffle version. I was very light with the truffle oil, which is more viscous and richer in flavor. The two oils beautifully complemented one another and my delicious salad.

Food reinvention is one of my favorite vegan hobbies. "Waste not, want not" becomes, "Wow -- this is better than the first time!"


  1. Love the healthy salad you made with leftovers! It is gorgeous. The Blood Orange Olive oil and Black Truffle Oil sound very interesting. I would love to try them:)