Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Carnivore Loved This Coleslaw!

Isn't nature lovely? This cabbage is so pretty, but the brain-like convolutions are easier to see in a purple cabbage. You can use either for this coleslaw recipe.

Friday nights are funny around here. I normally need to fix dinner, but it can't be something too special since my husband is as likely to want to go out as not. This week, still nursing a sore back from walking all over South Beach in high heels and then spending 13 hours in a car (little ole' lady issues for you young-'uns to look forward to . .) I proactively announced I was taking a night off from the nightlife. Ahhh, just writing that feels good!

So I prepared a simple dinner from what I had on hand. I started with a couple of Tofurkey Italian Sausages I needed to use up. I cut them into little bits, then threw them into the crock pot with the other ingredients for my lazy chili: A Tbsp. olive oil, a can of crushed tomatoes, a tomato-canful of water, a packet of McCormick Chili mix, a can of pinto beans and half an onion, chopped. I let that simmer on low for a couple of hours while I dismantled the Christmas decor. Then I began brainstorming about some new and different veggie dish and found the cabbage in the 'fridge. Instantaneously all the ingredients for a lovely coleslaw popped into my head. I could almost taste the flavor combination as I considered each ingredient. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the best coleslaw I have ever put in my mouth.  If you like coleslaw, you have to try it. If you don't, you should try it anyway. It just might change your mind. Here's the recipe:

Excellent Coleslaw
2 c. cabbage, very thinly sliced or shredded (I like sliced best)
1/2 an organic carrot, shredded
1 tsp. caraway seeds
1tsp. sesame seeds, plus another pinch for garnishing
3 Tbsp. Vegenaise
1 Tbsp. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
a generous grind of fresh pepper (I like the multi-colored peppercorns)
a pinch of salt

Use a fork or whisk to combine dressing ingredients thoroughly. In a large mixing bowl, combine cabbage, carrot and dressing until every strand is coated. Add seeds and stir. Finish with another sprinkling of sesame seeds over the top.

Here's the finished product. I have eaten coleslaws before containing a lot of sugar and mayonnaise, which only serve to obliterate the flavor of the vegetable, which most folks like, I guess, especially in the south. I prefer a lighter, fresher, more complex flavor combination. The caraway seeds do a lot here to enhance the combination. Rather than being dry and strong as they are in a rye bread, this scant teaspoonful shines with a subtle anise-like flavor that is almost sweet. The slaw is further subtly sweetened by the organic carrot (a completely different flavor than a non-organic one, in my opinion) and the apple cider vinegar. Finally, the vegenaise serves to balance and smooth any sharpness. In this recipe, you can actually taste the fresh cabbage -- and that's not a bad thing!

Here is our simple meal. It was a major victory night for me. As I was serving it, my husband grimaced slightly, saying, "I have never been a fan of coleslaw,"

"Just try a little bit, and if you don't like it, you can have a spinach salad," I countered.

After the excessive week in Miami Beach, I could tell my husband was feelin' a bit fluffy around the edges, so I was perfectly positioned to press my vegan advantage.

"What's in the chili?" he asked.

"Tofurkey sausage," I answered.

"Okay," he said.

The carnivore enjoyed the chili, but positively RAVED about the coleslaw! "This is really, really good! Does it have a lot of fat?"

Score!  It is really good -- give it a try!


  1. This meal looks wonderful!! THe coleslaw looks so pretty with the black sesame seeds added to it! You are totally spreading your little cooking wings and blossoming in your vegan cooking! I love it!

  2. bookmarking... for the coleslaw and the chili

    : )

  3. I never thought to do chili and coleslaw but it works, I can actually almost taste it in my head. My favorite part of this post was your husband saying does it have alot of fat? Cracked me up. My husband would say somthing like...why are we having coleslaw with chili and then gobble it