Sunday, August 14, 2016

Giving In to a Craving

Yes, I backslid yesterday.  I wanted veggies and BEANS so I ate them.  As a former vegan, I think it's really still in my wiring.  I still want food like this, and there's no problem with eating veggies, in addition to other high quality proteins I now must include for the health of my neurology, but beans are a no-no.  Why?  apparently legumes are considered "anti-nutrients".  They are powerhouses of protein and fiber, but they bond with vital minerals and leach them from our bodies.  For most folks a little less copper, iron, manganese or zinc is fine, but not for me.  I'm now eating to feed mitochondria in an effort to strengthen the healthy function of the immune system and to calm the malfunction that occurs during an MS exacerbation.  over 20 years from diagnosis now, I need to take this seriously.

Dairy has been off my diet since 2010, and gluten has been greatly reduced.  Both of these are detrimental to the health of mitochondria too.

I did give in to the craving this time, but if I supply enough healthy minerals I'll hopefully offset this lapse.  As with anything else, it comes down to what we do on a regular basis when trying to effect a change.

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