Sunday, September 4, 2016

Now This

It was good to find these big 48 oz jugs of kombucha at Whole Foods the other day.  I love the way this fermented tea picks up my energy level late in the afternoon, but because of the slight sugar content, I limit the frequency of this otherwise healthy treat.  Another good reason to limit the frequency is the price tag for the smaller bottles -- around $4-$5 each.  48 oz for around $9 is better.  This'll last me a while.  I'm not drinking out of the bottle, so bacteria won't be competing with the good probiotic bugs in this brew.  The first glass did taste a little different than I'm used to, but I think it's because the "mother" had settled to the bottom.  I'll try gently turning or swirling this bottle before my next serving.

I'll never forget the first time I ever tried one of these bottled kombuchas -- it was the green variety.  Seeing the sediment on the bottom, I shook it vigorously before opening it.  Fellow kombucha drinkers will know the result already -- dark green probiotic potion all over myself and the room.  When it comes to this fermented concoction, "swirled, not shaken" is the way to go.


  1. Don't know why I am so fearful to try kombucha... guess if I am drinking something fermented, I kind of want a bit of a kick... ;)

    How would you describe the taste to the uninitiated?

    1. Hey hon -- It's definitely an acquired taste. It's sharp and sparkly and I prefer some flavors over others. I am not a fan of the green one (fresh greens are better, to my palate) There is a bit of a "kick" to this, and it's variable according to how cold the bottles have been kept throughout shipping, storing, etc. The warmer, the more alcoholic. You don't know for sure what you are getting in this regard. I have felt a tiny, fleeting buzz before, akin to a light beer, but this has been very rare. These teas are not particularly sweet unless you've been off sugar for a long time. I love the energy and flavor boost I get from these, but the main benefit is the probiotic content. This could be replicated with a good probiotic capsule (refrigerated only, since the room temperature ones are no longer alive). My fave flavors of kombucha are Gingerade and Black Chia. Enjoy!

    2. Alright, I may need to be brave and try one. :) You are the dearest to describe so carefully and thoughtfully. Love you!