Saturday, March 19, 2016


Bits of our Spring have sprung, such as my cherry blossoms here, but other bleary-eyed plants are only just beginning to wake.  On this overcast day, I enjoyed capturing some of my backyard paradise in photos.

 On my way outside, I snuck up on these little microgreens I have growing in a pot in my screened porch.  Aren't they darling?  I can't wait to gobble them up.

My woodland path is basically carpeted this year with this lovely moss!  Can't you just see fairies and wood nymphs gamboling across the plush surface?  Yes, I was down on my belly in the woods to experience this fairy vantage point.

Halfway down the hill to the creek, I looked up.  I always wish I could put on a raincoat and boots and hang out at the creek during a storm to see how it is transformed, but these scary titans really move in the wind, leaving chunks of themselves on the woodland floor.

Lilliputian greenery has a head start on other emerging flora down by the creek too.  Looking up or looking down, it's my favorite time of year.

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