Monday, March 24, 2014

Secondhand Buddha

It's a Buddha Bowl, actually -- a collection of different foods in one bowl, usually containing a pile of raw shredded kale and a special sauce of some sort. The other ingredients vary in a Buddha Bowl, but are always jam-packed with veggie goodness. I call this bowl "Secondhand Buddha" because I like that moniker better than "a bowlful of leftovers" I am a waste-not-want-notter, so I never throw anything away. Nothing hangs around for long so it works out. You can see the kale and the beans and rice, and the rest is a saute of cabbage, chick peas and hearts of palm with lots of lemon. Since these stars of my Secondhand Buddha Bowl are already well-flavored and a little saucy, I didn't add any other sauce. Everything's better with capers, though, so I let them join the party. Loved this bowl! 

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