Sunday, March 9, 2014

Convalescence + Photographic Odds-n-Ends

As in any chapter in life, these weeks of convalescence have afforded a different perspective from that of life lived at full-speed. The surgery was a piece of cake, the recovery has only briefly been rough, the healing is going well, but there is no rushing this. Energy has been diverted to the business of healing, so it makes sense to just rest, to wait. I go downstairs a couple times a day, and the weather was nice enough yesterday to get a bit of fresh air. I have watched lots of bad movies and a couple of good ones. I have read a lot. I have written a lot. I have crocheted and created, researched and planned more projects for the future. I can cook a very little bit before the gravity takes its toll and I need to, once again, assume this prone posture. Obviously, my food offerings for the blog are paltry and unimaginative, but here you go:

I made a second batch of kale bisque, this time in stages because of the above mentioned gravity issue. Because I had turned off the heat for a while, the soup was only luke-warm when I returned to the business of blending it, so I was undeterred by my phobia of being scalded. This is what the bisque looks like when it's blended in a Vitamix -- much less chunky, more homogeneous. Personally, I like it either way. It's a great soup -- it tastes like health, only more decadent.

Last night was steak night, so my husband prepared a tofurky sausage for me and a baked potato. I prepared the greens: quickly sauteed onions, garlic, kale and Chinese cabbage with olive oil, earth balance and lots of fresh lemon once it was off the heat. The greens were so simple and good. I liked the tofurky with a shmear of Dijon mustard, and baked potatoes are always fab. Truthfully, by the time I sat down for dinner, I was ready for another gravity-undo, so I rushed through eating all of it.

Since there is not much fresh incoming photography during this season-o-convalescence, I decided to take another look at some of the photos I'd previously skipped over because I had plenty to choose from  in weeks prior. Some of these will remind you of others I've posted, but I had a little fun cropping and reinventing these in a more interpretive spirit.

Here's a pointy little elf hat I crocheted for my daughter a few weeks ago. I started with a pattern, but went off on a tangent as soon as I got tired of following it. I love how it turned out. I do this with recipes too, in case you hadn't noticed. I haven't much patience with reining in my creativity. I have mixed results, but it's more fun that way.

Ellie's tasting the snow here. We don't see too much of the stuff, so it was pretty special for her. Finally, here are the rest of my snowy art shots:

This last photo is of one of many historic buildings here in Alpharetta. It's obviously a ruin. I believe it was part of an old farm. It was preserved as an upscale neighborhood was built on the land around it. I like how the water droplets impart an ephemeral, dream-like quality.

Now back to healing . . .

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