Sunday, March 24, 2013

Well, Hello!

I'd never met this company, GoPicnic, before, but it already feels like an old friend, you'll see why in a moment. I went on a little road trip the other day, and I could have used one of these. Food options within a mile of a highway are slim pickins for a vegan. While I disagree with the "complete meal" label since there's no complete meal without fresh green leafies, in my opinion, these little snack packs beat the pants off a small order of fries, which had been my vegan road trip standby heretofore.

The Black Bean Dip and Plantain Chips "meal" had me at plantain chips. I've never been a fan of pepitas, but I liked the other nuts and fruits. The bean dip was delicious, as expected, and the chocolate in each meal is GOOD -- creamy and rich, not waxy. Now of course I've got to sugar-detox again since I can't stop thinking about it, but such are the pendulum swings of a vegan.

When I was finished with this "meal" look what I found:

This is the inside bottom of the empty box.  This would be especially nice at an actual picnic, sitting on a park bench or under a tree on a favorite quilt. This also makes me smile since anything reminding me of Mom gives me the warm fuzzies. See for the back story.

These little boxes do not require refrigeration, are gluten free and vegan, and are great for those unexpected moments when we have to grab something and go.


  1. Thanks for the tip about this snack meals. I went to Amazon and ordered some. They will be great for on the road (I live about 40 minutes from a large town).