Tuesday, March 19, 2013

As Promised

Looking at that gorgeous bowlful, I want to dive right into the photo and eat it all over again! As promised, I'm pleased to feature a delicious dish I made from the cookbook my friend, Linda, gave me for Christmas -- Simple Vegan, a compilation from Better Homes and Gardens. Thanks, Linda!
This embedded ad does not feature the actual book I'm trying to show you -- it's pretty close, so if you click on it, maybe you can search further for Simple Vegan.

I know, I am disappointed too that Google, who acquired the rights to the blogger ads, is not as well-equipped as Amazon, who was the company supplying our ads before . . . .
                                                                                   Well, interesting! Look at what Google came up with when I typed "Amazon" -- always an adventure.

Enough about business -- back to the food. The beauty of the Simple Vegan cookbook (besides the rad spiral binding which I love so) is that the recipes are indeed simple! This fresh pea salad calls for fresh sugar snap peas, quickly blanched, and frozen peas, lightly cooked. Since I often eat frozen peas when they are still frozen as a treat, and they taste like candy to my taste buds, I didn't feel the need to cook, or even thaw the peas. I just knocked the extraneous ice off them and tossed them in with the warm sugar snaps -- it was a great way to stop the cooking of those and keep them crisp too! The recipe also features shallots, and I had none, so I used red onion, sauteed to soften the bite. Because of the already sugary-sweet peas, instead of sugar, I only used a little drop of agave. I'd have skipped it altogether, but I knew it would be a nice foil to the tangy vinegar, and indeed it was! If your own -buds don't read frozen peas as sugar, you may want to actually follow the recipe. This salad was one I couldn't stop thinking of after one serving, so I kept going back every half hour or so until it was all gone. Eating piles of delectable veggies, and not feeling uncomfortably full, never gets old.

Usually, when I'm getting used to a new provider or procedure, I'll have something to complain about which will eventually resolve when the user-error factor disappears as I practice, but since I haven't practiced yet and it hasn't resolved, I'll enjoy one more complaint, er, comment: I don't really like what Google has done with Picasa's Web Albums either -- sometimes I can Pin one of my original photos on Pinterest, and sometimes I cannot. Well, now we're in business!

P.S. I also wish it was easier to figure out how to choose where the ads appear or maybe just how to wrap the text around them more attractively. Again, I fully expect to be much less vexed shortly, after I actually learn it!

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