Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dad's Here!

Dad's here for a visit! We all love it when he comes.

The dogs quietly go to the front window when they hear the sound of his car's engine rounding the corner. The sound of the car is imperceptible to humans at the point they notice it, but within a minute or two he is pulling into the driveway, and they each, still not barking but smiling and wagging, compete to be the first one to put her nose through the door as I open it to welcome him. Unlike every other time the beasts slip out the front door, they do not go on a joy run throughout the neighborhood for me to chase, sweating and panting with leash in one hand and box of treats in the other. No, when Dad is here, the girls only walk out onto the front stoop to encircle Dad's legs, smiling up at him adoringly. They continue to follow him into the house, Pied Piper that he is. Still, neither has uttered a woof.

"Some guard dogs you are!" Dad says by way of greeting.

The girls love Grandad! He spoils them rotten as a grandparent should.

Look at the lovely fodder for juice in the photo above! I made a couple of good batches the last two mornings. Dad saw the broken nozzle on my fabulous juicer (see Lazy Food Season + An Island Mystery for the backstory) and before I knew it, he -- puttering on his little travel computer at the kitchen table -- he'd ordered me the replacement part. Dad's awesome!

Look what else Dad found for me:

Isn't this cool -- this caviar is vegetarian -- made from seaweed! It is delicious and very like the taste and texture of real caviar, only a little less salty.

Dad got me this sturgeon flavor variety, and also salmon roe flavor. Mmmmm!

Time to go create another fabulous dinner with Dad.

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  1. I immediately love your dad! Vegan caviar?? My hero!! Enjoy your time with him Cheryl!! xoxo