Friday, August 5, 2011

Vegan is Pretty

These grocery store mango rolls tasted as good as they looked! I tossed the sweet chili sauce that came with it, dipping each pretty roll in shoyu instead -- the rich salty flavor was perfect with the sweet fruit and creamy avocado.

I usually need something with a bit of texture to swallow my piles-o-pills with in the morning. Here's a simple, pretty, healthy, effective solution -- 5 frozen organic strawberries with about a cup of coconut water, blended.

These are my daily prescribed meds. Some must be namebrand, since it matters for optimum absorbtion, but my doctor lets me save money by shopping around for the best price for others. I take either one, 2, or three of each of these per day. I just write the amount on the lid so I don't have to dig out my reading glasses for the fine print on the script.

Here's another version of my coconut/berry pill-pusher juice. In this case, I used frozen organic black raspberries. The gritty pulp and seeds really help the handfuls of pills go down without causing a gag reflex.

What gorgeous colors! Vegan is pretty!


  1. those mango rolls are gorgeous indeed! nice find!

  2. Very smart idea to right the amounts on the top of the bottle. I'm stealing that!