Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Sustaining Breakfast

I love a porridge of Irish oats. I learned from trial and error that I really love these oats a little bit firmer than other folks may. When I have followed the package directions, I've been disappointed to find the oats are not much different from the quick-cooking ones, which is not a terrible thing, but I just prefer to enjoy my cross-cut oats with a chewy texture. It seems more special that way. So I prepared these oats with a little almond milk and water (I'm too lazy to measure!) and after bringing them to a boil, I simmered the panful for only 20 minutes or so. I had to add a bit more filtered water toward the end since the oats were beginning to stick to the bottom. The porridge was lovely and delicious, without the addition of any accoutrements. Eating it out of my favorite Peter Rabbit china from my babies' early childhoods made it all the more special. Have you noticed that almost all of my dishes are chipped or cracked? (we're a rough-and-tumble bunch, I guess)  Not this one! Nobody else wants to use a bowl this small, and I take steps to keep it out of the flow of traffic and out of the microwave. I am the only one who uses it!

The first time my Mom and Dad visited after I became vegan, they brought me a wonderful book, This Crazy Vegan Life by Christina Pirello. At the time, I was deep into a couple of other vegan books, so I set it aside to read later. Over 18 months vegan now, I am finally getting around to reading it. Interestingly, the author comes to the vegan lifestyle from a background of chronic illness, as do I. She has also dealt with the dreaded B12 deficiency which I am now overcoming. This book is jam-packed with nutritional and health information, which is just what I needed at this point of my life and my veganhood.

The above porridge is just a part of a wonderful approach to breakfast advocated by Christina: grains and greens --simple! Along with the Irish porridge, I had steamed lacianato kale, dressed with a scant drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

I didn't waste the "pot liquor" as either my mother or my grandmother used to call it (can't remember who). The "pot liquor" is not as nefarious as you might guess -- it's just the cooking liquid from the steaming of the veggies!

I poured it into a cup and drank it as a tea -- surprisingly delicious! This grains-n-greens breakfast was so nourishing and calming. It provided a wonderful start to my day!

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