Friday, August 19, 2011

Heavenly Dressing

Have you tried "Caesar Chavez Dressing" from Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz ( Do it -- trust me. This stuff is so amazing I could eat it out of the bowl, like pudding. In fact, after I was done emptying out the blender I had to put my whole arm into it to scrape out what was left around the blades with my fingers. I was very careful not to cut my fingertips on the blades -- what a dumb injury that would have been! Finally, I finished the feeding frenzy by licking my forearms where they had brushed against the inside of the blender. What a sight I must have been! I can make a fool of myself that way now that I have a bit of alone time with the kids back at school. Emma and Ellie watched this whole spectacle. Bless them! They love me no matter what kind of fool I am.

I added more cashews than the recipe called for, just because I couldn't help myself. The dressing was a bit thick because of this alteration. I should have added more water to compensate. I'll have to open my mind and get over this aversion I have to water as an ingredient. Sometimes the other ingredients are flavorful enough and water is the best thing for correcting a consistency. The recipe calls for 1/3 cup water, which I did include.

As you can see, I savored this fabulous dressing atop a simple salad of arugula, homegrown tomato and avocado. After I finished this plateful, I craved more almost right away. This dressing has my highest endorsement.


  1. It looks soooo good! Post the recipe!! Please!

  2. Thanks Vegantummy! I don't think I can post the recipe since it would be a copyright infringement. It's not my recipe, it's Isa Chandra Moskowitz'. But I will tell you from memory some of what it contains: There are cashews, shallots, fresh lemon juice, miso, tahini, capers and water. A blender is involved. I bet you might be able to find it on Isa's website, but I haven't checked. Otherwise, look for "Appetite for Reduction". It's in paperback now and the recipes are great!

  3. I have her book, and you are right, this is so good!
    By the way, thanks for introducing me to Isa's book.
    Other vegan peeps is a good one!