Friday, May 6, 2011

Odds-n-Ends, Crazy Season Edition

First, let me take a moment to gaze upon this miracle, then . . . breathe in to the count of six, through the nose, hold to the count of eight, exhale to the count of ten. Do this at least three times.

"She's right, Mom, it really works. I do have a sense of well-being," my son said to me after learning this, among many tools from the Integrative Medicine physician who has kept me well for over 6 years now. Dr. Gustafson has been added to the growing cadre of experts and technicians we are gathering to attempt to heal my son of his debilitating migraines. In addition to relaxation techniques, Dr. Gus is "growing Hans a new gut" with a cleanse and replenishment diet, based upon levels of nutrients in his bloodstream. Hans is being a good sport: "I would do anything to get better," he's said. But, with his food allergies there is not much left for him to eat. It's quite a challenge for me to keep this process appealing to him. I am spending more hours in the kitchen than usual. No gluten, no sugar, no dairy. Hans used to eat mac and cheese, frosted flakes and Burger King -- crazy season for me.

We have two neurologists now. Anything that has worked before for him no longer works. For months, insurance would not approve an MRI. Now they finally will approve it, but, with a deadline at school of May 13 for all assignments due, we haven't a day to spare for any more appointments at all. The school has kindly extended Hans' deadline to May 24, but still . . . Hans has not been to school all week. We had a rough morning today trying to get him to finally push through and go to school through the pain and confusion. No dice. He's not well. He's in bed right now. Just a few more weeks, and then we can focus on healing our boy rather than trying to keep his academic dreams alive.

In the meantime, It bouys my soul to remember all my blessings. I am grateful for all my family members, whatever their state of health.

I am grateful for this kind of doggy box:

Despite all the medical bills not covered by insurance, which make buying the juicer I covet undoable right now, I am grateful I have a rockin' blender that can at least make smoothies:

This is the afternoon portion -- I make enough for two servings, and then save the second half in an old pasta sauce jar and just shake it up again. This smoothie was 4 leaves of kale, a handful of baby spinach, a frozen banana and plenty of coconut water, which I consider the elixer of life -- so energizing!

I am grateful for countless miracles all around me which I consider proof that a fresh start is always possible. We are blooming now, folks:

Ahh! They're here! Breathe in to the count of six, hold to the count of eight, breathe out to the count of ten. Repeat!


  1. The flowers are just beautiful!!! It makes me want a big garden so badly. I think even when life is a little more challenging, I can go outside and hike and be in nature and it just brings such happiness to my soul. :) Shelly, you are such a good Mother and you are taking such good care of your son! He is beyond lucky to have you!!

  2. Morgan, thanks so much! This is a tough chapter, but you are right -- nature is such a gift, and just stepping into it for a few minutes does wonders for the blood pressure and perspective. This, too, shall pass!