Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Reap What I Sow

Here's my first early harvest. These "French Breakfast (!) Radishes" grew so quickly and were positively popping out of the ground when I checked the garden this morning, so I pulled them and they became a simple lunch with some kosher salt and crusty wholegrain bread with Earth Balance. These radishes were from last year's packet of seeds which had lost none of their vigor. Every seed I planted sprouted. I like this early harvest better than last year's later harvest. These were more mild than the ones grown in the hotter part of the summer. I ate the whole radish, root first, dipped in the salt, then lay the spiny, peppery leaves on the buttered bread. It was all delicious and fresh, and still warm from the earth.

In a less literal sense, I reaped something else I had sown, not deliberately but rather by example. Today, my 13 year old daughter asked me if I could make her a kale salad rubbed with lemon and olive oil!

"Oh, and can you put those chick peas in there too?" she added.

I dropped whatever it was I was doing and got right on the task, thrilled! This might not seem like a big deal to you folks whose kids were raised from day one in this healthy lifestyle, but you know the expression: you can't teach an old dog a new trick. So I was delighted to realize some of what Wynne had been seeing was rubbing off on her. How nice not to have to cajole one of my kids into a healthier choice!


  1. That's the same variety of radishes I am growing - too funny! That's so fun about your daughter Cheryl, yippy!

  2. That is a funny coincidence, Melissa -- out of all the varieties! Try them early -- they have a lovely mild flavor. Once they get stronger, I only liked them with plenty of avocado which smoothed out the spice.

  3. They look wonderful! I've just had my veggie patch over taken by cattepillars. So annoyed!

  4. Ugh! those little (or big, they do keep growing) green ones? I've been finding them on the radish leaves myself. They don't like the root though, thank goodness. I've heard a dilute dishsoap solution sprayed on the leaves helps. Also, the half of the garden where I've planted marigolds doesn't seem to have any caterpillars. They hate the smell of them. Good luck!