Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Avocados On Everything!

Yes, I am eating a LOT of avocados lately. My body wants them, so I am complying. It's a system that works for me. Why a season of avocados? Hmmm, the word "season" gives me a clue. Crazy Season! That's right -- we are still in it. Only 13 days left and counting until we find out if Hans passes his classes or needs to sign up for summer school.

"Just relax," some of you may be saying, "whatever will be will be,"

This is true, and it really is what I should do, but it is easier said than done. Hans has a brilliant mind and lofty ambitions, and it seems a shame if he cannot strive for them because he is in bed with migraines.

So -- The avocados and other healthy fats I have been craving lately -- my theory is that the stress of "crazy season" has left me ill-equipped in the sleep department and thus depleted. The fatty foods provide a lasting energy boost besides serving as comfort foods. Am I worried about a weight gain? Marginally. I do find that any time I go off balance, I may pick up a pound or two. But once equilibrium is again established (raw green leafies and whole grains) for a couple of days, the issue effortlessly resolves. I love being vegan!

So . . . the avocados: here they are featured atop a bowl of tinkyada brown rice pasta with marinara sauce. This was obviously very easy and SO delicious! I didn't even add nutritional yeast. I think I will make this again for lunch today!

By the way, I think I've found a way to keep avocados on hand without the disappointment of their rotting. I choose black ones that are still firm, and I keep them in the crisper. I've kept avocados this way for over a week without being disappointed.  Not exactly related, but my stream-of-consciousness mind works this way: I never put tomatoes into the fridge. It spoils their flavor. They are best kept on the counter, stem-side down (it's firmer and can withstand the gravity without getting mushy). But you probably already knew that!


  1. Ohhh! That looks so delicious. Yum! xx

  2. Very timely post as I've been eating at least an avocado a day lately and love the tip on keeping them in the crisper. It's so disappointing when you open when up and it's all brown and mushy.

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  4. Thanks ladies! Good to hear from you!

  5. I love avocados!! I couldn't agree more with you Cheryl! :)