Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Notes on The Royal Wedding

No photo, but I am compelled to share my thoughts on yesterday's activities.

I wasn't invested in getting up at 4:00 a.m., though I did the equivalent when I was around 14 years old for Diana's wedding. Leading up to the big event this time, during my usual half-hour of insomnia, I did note the frenzy building. But, waking at my normal hour,  I was amazed to find the whole thing was still going on. As I prepared my son's bagel and set out his medicine, I watched the newly married royals sitting and listening to something special, something historic.

As I prepared my daughter's lunch, I realized that one-third of the world was watching what I was watching. As the cameras panned aloft to the vaulted ceilings and the elevation of Westminster Abbey which I had studied as an Art History student At William and Mary, and later visited with my family, I became misty. As the precious little boys in ruffled shirts began to sing in their clear, pure voices, I began to weep.

From the visit to Westminster Abbey in my 20's, to the hours reading Harry Potter to my children, to the chunks of my childhood spent reading the Chronicles of Narnia over, and over and over again, and The Lord of the Rings, and anything British, I remembered how much my anglophilia is a part of my very soul.

I enjoyed the weeping amidst rushing my kids to school. I enjoyed remembering a fairy tale I had held close not so long ago. I enjoyed seeing the resurrection of the monarchy.

Best Wishes Will and Kate!


  1. I did not get up, but I taped it and watched it on Friday. I loved every minute! Kate's dress was beautiful, and not over the top which I admired. I love how she is somewhat down to earth. Goodness, no way to have any normalcy at this wedding, but I thought they did just what they wanted. I wanted Pippa and Harry to turn to each other and marry right then and there too! I think they are both adorable as well. A beautiful day, but someone was missing........Diana should have been there too. but I loved reading about all the subtle nods to her. I rooting for Will and Kate!!!

  2. Yes Emily -- I was surprised that I found a little bit of magic in all of it. I'm glad I didn't miss it!