Friday, April 22, 2011

Odds -n- Ends, Settling In

Here is a photo I had meant to include with my garden installation post. This is the path from the front yard to the side of the house where my little garden is. I like the photo because the pebbled path is enticing to me -- I want to follow it through the gate to see how my garden has changed each day.

Here we are, two weeks home from the beach and I am just beginning to feel settled. Why does it take so long? Well, life doesn't stop to let me get caught up on laundry, bills, cleaning and unpacking. Groceries still have to be bought, meals prepared, doctor's appointments still have to be attended, guitar club, lacrosse, migraines, workouts, sleepovers, etc.

In any case, I'm grateful to be getting back into a more normal routine and nothing says settling in like tending a crock pot -- just enjoying being home, stirring, tasting, adding a little of this or that as the flavors meld.

True confession: this is the first time I have ever cooked dried beans! Weird for a vegan, huh? I've just always taken the lazy way out and opened a can -- pretty pitiful. I'm not knocking canned beans, I'll be using them again, but I will say these were pretty good, less gassy (ahem, sorry!) and I enjoyed the process of cooking for the sake of cooking, with no assigned consumption appointment. I just ate them when they were ready. I created this yummy concoction inspired loosely by Veganomicon's Rustic White Beans with Leeks and Mushrooms. I say loosely because I didn't do much measuring, just using quantities I already had on hand, and also because I threw a few drops of liquid smoke in there (I know-- MSG, but I like it and I hardly ever use it!) These beans are very delicious and sustaining. I still have some in the fridge, which makes me happy and is very settling indeed.

With the beans last night I prepared my take on Bistro V.G.'s Simple Arugula Salad -- just Arugula, sauteed shallots, fresh lemon and olive oil, salt and pepper. Never gets old . . .


  1. The photo of the gate looks magical.

  2. Thanks, Sally! It does feel that way whenever I walk through it!