Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Homemade Tapas

Last weekend we had plans to meet some friends for a drink. We found ourselves ready to go about an hour early and, since the weather was lovely, decided to spend the time with some homemade tapas on the screened porch. Here is what I quickly threw together for us to nibble upon. I spread a flatbread with hummus, sundried tomatoes and arugula, then sliced it like a pizza. On the side are some pickles: my homemade ume radish pickles and also some sweet and spicy"Wickles Pickles" that I had picked up at the grocery store.

I also made a nice herb dip to go with the brown rice chips we like so much. Here are the ingredients of my dip:

The herb mixture was from a Pampered Chef party my Mom attended. I did not measure anything here, just a dollop of each ingredient. Very easy.

I only took about 3 minutes to throw all this together, and it was as good as any restaurant tapas, in my opinion!