Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This photo has nothing to do with my current life, it is just so pretty I wanted to look at it.

Day two of first actual sickness since being vegan. I am not miserable. I can breathe now. I am just . . . so . . . sleepy. And there's a little undercurrent of panic about that Christmas photo of the kids that I never took for a Christmas card that I never made, and certainly never sent. Also, shopping only half done, hardly any wrapping done, gifts only half sent, laundry, dishes, tree ornaments, dog hair, ugh.  The sunshine is so bright and icy. Good night.


  1. What a beautiful cabbage. :) It sucks to be sick, and I hope you feel better soon! I was sick last week--enough to be unhappy, but not enough to stay home from work, so I moped around coughing and sneezing all week. All the holiday stuff will get done. For now, take care of yourself!

  2. OOOOooh - pretty cabbage!

    After I read your blog post about not getting sick since going vegan I proclaimed the same thing. I hope I'm not next! Feel better Cheryl!

  3. Thanks Melissa -- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. We can only do so much, so be easy on yourself, esp if you are sick. Since being vegan, my illnesses don't progress to the extent they did before. I couldn't get a cold (pre-vegan) without it turning into full on sinusitis. Antibiotics were needed every time. But not since being vegan! Horray! Go Vegan!

    And did you see my cabbage shot from a couple weeks ago??? Aren't they pretty?

  5. Yes, Stephanie -- That cold lasted only 3 days! I had the same situation as you with illness pre-vegan. I love reading your blog! Thanks for the comment!