Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sound Bite Decided + Easy Gardein

I've decided what'll work best for me the next time I'm in need of a quick sound-bite to stop a server from trying to talk me into eating "just a little bit" of cheese. First let me just say that I have received a few really good suggestions from you, my readers, and some make me blush because they are complimentary, so I won't repeat them (I have some really, really sweet friends -- non-vegans too! I'm very lucky.) While I appreciate the compliments, I'm not generally comfortable touting my well-being to perfect strangers, so what I will say next time is,

"At this point in life, I only eat what I want."

That should be good enough in the heat of the moment.  There's no need to go into why I want it unless someone is curious, then I'll be happy to elaborate. If I haven't heard from you yet, what do you say to explain your choices?  I'm still interested in knowing.

I needed to use up a couple of pieces of gardein the other day, so I quickly threw something together that turned out to taste like a gourmet meal. So easy it's not even a recipe, I just sliced a shallot and four mushrooms and sauteed them over medium-high heat in Earth Balance and olive oil for a couple of minutes. Then I threw the gardein fillets in for a couple of minutes more, squeezed half a lemon over all of it and flipped them a couple of times.  That's all.  I had this with sweet potato oven fries and a green salad.  Easy and delish!


  1. I used to try to go into detail with people about my diet, but I found that they really do not want to know, they are just being nosy or polite, so I say I eat food....
    Silly, but true. If someone does seriously ask me what I eat, I am inclined to elaborate my food choices and the reason I eat them. I eat vegan for health reasons and it is good for you. Plain and simple has always been my motto!

  2. Yep -- plain and simple. I was just at a loss for words once when a server told me he was so sorry about my diet. All I could stammer was, "no . . . I love my diet," That's what all that was about.

  3. I'm full from dinner and this still looks so good, I want to have some right now! I've been blessed. The people around me are trying to eat healthier and that sparks their interest to ask. They first want to know what I've omitted - I say "no animal protein or animal by-products". They ask me to specify and see what they're willing to try themselves. Occasionally, I get the "I give you so much credit. I could never give up ____".

    Try explaining that our family is made up of vegan, pescatarian, flexatarian...It's so much fun trying not to get tongue-tied :-D.

  4. I'm happy to hear you are blessed this way! I am too by friends and family. What's a flexatarian? I think I have some idea, but I'm not sure.

  5. A flexatarian still eats flesh. Our family member rarely eats though. They are transitioning over to vegan. Yay!