Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My A.M. Crave

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween -- stay tuned for a photo as soon as I figure out how to get it out of my phone and into the computer. My phone is bare-bones simple and my technical savvy is still in progress . . .

Since I've been vegan, my body tells me in no uncertain terms what it wants to eat. These crave signals are never so clear as they are in the morning. Sometimes I want some peanut butter or chocolate, but sometimes I want greens. This morning I wanted greens. Straight from dropping off at school, I went grocery shopping. Tomorrow I am fixing dinner for a dear friend who just had knee replacement surgery. I am sending love in my friend's language, not mine, as she is the one in her hour of need. So I am making her roast beef, mashed potatoes, caesar salad and cupcakes. I can let her try my vegan food once she is back on her feet again.

Since I was shopping in a more schizophrenic vein than usual, I noticed my need to segregate the items in my cart. The thought of the meat package touching any of my precious vegan food evoked a wave of nausea. As my groceries were being bagged, I heard myself asking if the meat could go in a plastic bag! (perish the thought) I struggled with this request briefly, as I am all about reusable bags and avoiding adding to the Pacific plastic soup, but my revulsion won and I got to maintain my lovely reusable bag, unsullied by the juices and fumes of the flesh.

Anyway, as I was shopping in my favorite section of the store, I decided to give in to curiosity and get some Organic Raw Kombucha Multi-Green Tea. It was $2.99, out of my comfort zone a tad since I am not a daily Starbucks type of girl, but I decided I was worth it.

I've gotta say I am not loving this tea. Maybe it's because I got a bad first impression after I shook the bottle vigorously prior to opening it, only to have it explode all over me and the kitchen!  With all those little green flecks floating in there, who would have thought it was carbonated? I don't like the taste of this tea either. Yes it tastes healthy, but that's it. I prefer my healthy to also be delectable.   Hmmmm . . . maybe next time I'll try the ginger flavor.

All was not lost this morning, however.  After I stopped my productivity to wipe down my whole darn kitchen, I cut a slice of sourdough bread and spread it thickly with hummus, and placed last night's leftover collards, onions and garlic on the side. Now THAT was delectable!  Wish I had some more.

Speaking of crave, here's a recent salad:

Red leaf lettuce, arugula, gizmoed zucchini and chick peas, all with a mustard-balsamic vinaigrette -- delish, and very nutritious! I can't get enough chick peas. 

Listen to your body -- it knows what it wants!


  1. Both foods look so yummy! It's very cool how you listen to your body. Awesome! God Bless.

  2. God Bless you too Jeri! I love your blog! Thanks for reading A Midlife Vegan!

  3. Cheryl - love this post! Kombucha is definitely an acquired taste, so rock on for giving it a try! I wouldn't lose faith in it completely though - it gets better as you go. :)

  4. I will give it another try -- the ginger flavor was calling me. Thanks for reading!