Monday, November 29, 2010

Ladies' Night

This vignette could be characterized as "lazy luscious leftovers and a little lady's lyrics". I'm currently short on sleep because of the Thanksgiving desserts, so my mind is punchy, hence the silly alliteration. The photo is one I came across today after my parents left, so we are going backwards chronologically here, at least until I make some fresh meals. I'm glad I had taken the photo -- it reminds me of a lovely evening. I can't remember why, but my husband and son had gone out, leaving me at home with my daughter, Wynne. This was such a wonderful ladies' night!

When people hear the words, "ladies' night," visions of loud music and two-for-one drinks may dance in their heads. But what folks may not realize is that my whole life is a bit of a party. Such is the nature of the man I married. So, when I get a little taste of life in the slow lane it can be quite luxurious. The food, leftovers I'm sure you will recognize from an earlier post, was sublime.  The drink, a top shelf martini, was on the rocks, and in a glass jar, all the better to sip slowly. The entertainment was Wynne, showing me what she had been teaching herself alone in her room over the course of two weeks, using her Dad's guitar. She had printed the lyrics to some of her favorite songs and had used some guitar books to learn how to play chords, and then used her perfect pitch to find the notes from the way the songs sounded to her. Of course I am partial to my children, but I can tell you the kid knocked my socks off. She had taught herself so much and her voice is amazing. She has become quite a little performer at the age of 13, and never proclaimed her aspirations until first having mastered a portion of the craft. For an hour or two we lingered over Wynne's new project, then called it an early night. What a restorative evening -- I could use another one like that!


  1. What a fun ladies night! I loved your story:)

  2. Wow, that sounds great! My husband plays the guitar, and although he thinks he's rusty and doesn't sound very good, I like hearing him noodle around. The jar martini is an excellent touch!

  3. Thanks Burnout! Yeah, I love a little live music!