Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dinner at a Steak House!

The other night my husband took me on a date to celebrate my birthday (a round number). We have our favorite haunts, but he had the hankering to try something new. We love live music, so that's where his search started. We wound up at Pampas Steak House! "Hmmm," I thought, "nice choice for a vegan's birthday,"

Always up for an adventure, however, I got gussied up and jumped right in. We began at the bar, where I had one of my favorite drinks, a dry vodka martini with olives. We very much enjoyed the entertainment, two guys, saxophone and keyboard, playing Sinatra tunes among others -- very mellow and cool.

When we were seated for dinner, my husband mentioned to the server that it was my birthday, and I felt the need to tell her right away, "But don't surprise me with anything, I don't eat sugar," (this is not exactly true, of course, but explaining which types of sugars and fats I eat seemed too involved, so I left it at that). The ensuing conversation with the server included a brief explanation of the vegan diet. The server looked worried, and said,"We normally bring a platter of raw steaks to the table to explain what is available, but I don't want to offend you," I told her not to worry about it, explaining that my husband would probably want to see it.

The platter of raw flesh was thoroughly unappealing to me, of course, but didn't ruin my appetite for more delicious food.  I was able to determine from the menu that a wide variety of side dishes, each serving two people, was available, so I knew I would find something delicious.  I ordered spinach sauteed with garlic, and told my husband to order whatever he wanted and to give me some.  He ordered Potatoes Lyonnaise, and the server was helpful in suggesting he order it without bacon so I could eat it too.  Oh yeah, he also ordered a filet mignon. Here is what my plate looked like:

It appears that there is a scallop on the plate, but it is actually a little stack of potato slices that didn't come apart in the saute pan. It wasn't wholegrain barley and collards, which is what I am always craving, but the potatoes and spinach were very delicious and filling.

Finally, at the end of the meal, the server surprised me after all. I was presented with a large bowl of fresh berries of every kind, very sweet and delicious with no accompaniment. There was even a little birthday candle! My husband and I wolfed down the dessert, and it was the perfect fresh end to a decadent meal.

It is nice to know I can find food anywhere, even at a steak house!


  1. What a great attitude you have! I'm really impressed! He owes you a vegan restaurant outing ASAP! :)

  2. Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday! :)