Thursday, August 26, 2010

Being "Kind"

This grocery bag is made from recycled plastic bottles! What a double-dip of eco-correctness! I didn't know how I would be able to implement the change of carrying this bag instead of using the plastic ones at the stores. I buy so many groceries, since each of the four of us has different dietary choices. I had bought the thermal bag months ago, with good intentions, but found that I forgot to bring it into the stores. I just began carrying the bags in the car up front so I would remember to bring them with me. I love using this bag -- it'll be great for farmers' markets too!

This bottle of wine was made from organic grapes and I've thoroughly enjoyed having a glass during meal preparation in the evenings this week. The kids are back at school now, and we have been adjusting to an early morning routine, so around dinner time it's tough to follow a train of thought and I've found that a sip of wine takes the edge off enough to reduce the stress and allow the gourmet vegan creating to flow!

Speaking of gourmet vegan creating, three cheers for Morgan!  If you haven't yet checked her amazing blog, "Little House of Veggies", you should. I made Morgan's "Chick'n" and Mushroom Piccata with Creamy Garlic and Herbed Mashed Potatoes recently. This meal was so delicious. It was seriously as good as any restaurant meal I have ever had, vegan or not. My husband, non-vegan and miserable with a common cold,  did not want to eat "soy" so, instead, I offered him the leftover linguine with clam sauce I had made him the night before.

"No, I'll just eat this," he said. Then he wolfed it all down and went back to bed before I had a chance to sit down. 

My daughter, "Miss Potato-Head" I oughta' call her, worried and fretted over the potatoes.

"Will they taste good without cheese? Are they any good without milk? What are those flecks floating in there?"

I told her I thought they were delicious but she didn't have to eat them. That way I could eat more. She tried them and, eyes wide, said, "Oh, Mama, these are the best potatoes I have ever had! Don't ever make my potatoes with cheese or milk again!" Score! (I love it when my 12 year old calls me "Mama"!)

My son didn't try any of it, but that involves a long story.  Short version:  He just got his drivers' license and has been looking for reasons to go driving on his own. So, after school, at 5'10" and 130 lbs. When he asks if he can go get a burger, I let him. He will get over this habit once he runs out of money and the novelty of driving by himself wears off. After his drive-thru adventure, he plants himself at his desk for the next couple of hours for homework. He has a pretty heavy load at school with two AP classes this year so I want him to work when he feels like it. My preference would be to sit down to dinner together as a family after my son finishes his homework, around 7:00 p.m. But new routines are all still forming with this first week of school. We will find our rhythm.

At least two of us LOVED this wonderful meal, and my daughter was disappointed I had eaten "her" potatoes for lunch the next day! Morgan, you are much appreciated -- I will be making this again!


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  2. Thanks Morgan! And yes, he's finally feeling better this evening!

  3. So good to hear!!! Keep up all of the awesome cooking you do for your family!!!

  4. That looks SO delicious Cheryl!! What a beautiful influence you are on your kids and hubby. :)

  5. This looks amazing! It's already on my list of "what's for dinner tonight!" Thanks for the post.

  6. Thanks, vegan tummy! And thanks for reading.