Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ben & Jerry's Now Has Vegan Ice Cream!

I made my daughter laugh out loud today.  As she will, she was scrolling through a news feed and announced, calmly, "Ben and Jerry's now has vegan ice cream,"

"What!?" I exclaimed, agog, jumping back.

"Wait,"  she said, laughing, as she began switching to photo on her phone, "can you do that again?"

I love being a source of entertainment for my daughter and her friends, but I declined this particular command performance.  Then I explained my dramatic response to this happy news. Nostalgia:  Ben & Jerry's reminds me of my first taste of adulthood, living in the big city as a single girl.  It was really out of my budget -- a special treat.  When I opted for a vegan lifestyle so very many years later, treats like Ben & Jerry's were among the very few things I did miss.  The truth is, for health reasons I've got no business going back down that road.  The sugar will addle my brain, I know.  Still . . . it's nice to know it's out there!  If I try it I'll post a photo and share my thoughts. Check the link:
Ben & Jerry's now has vegan ice cream

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