Monday, September 15, 2014

My Late-Summer Narnia Moment

As I was paying the bills this morning, some movement outside caught my attention and I was grateful to have a couple of minutes to watch this young lady. She was a pretty large animal, actually. I grabbed the camera and began snapping away, albeit badly since I was rushing through it. I knew my magical moments with her were numbered. Right away she heard the shutter of the lens and looked right at me for a couple of minutes:

This photo does not do the connection justice. With my shaky, nervous photography, I didn't catch the intensity of her gaze. She seriously stared right into my eyes through the window for a couple of minutes. I put down the camera and met her gaze. She wasn't angry or frightened. She was curious. After a while, she remembered her little one:

Regretfully, I got no good photos of the little dappled baby. Everything moved very quickly from the time he or she entered the scene. I snapped away, but my camera preferred to focus upon the dirt on the outside of the window instead of the magical garden wonderland.

Still, it was a lovely way to start the day.

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